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Trade Payable Financing
Trade Payable Financing
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What is Trade Payable Financing?

Contract Credit offers trade payable financing as a financing solution in order to enable a company (buyer) to extend payment terms to its suppliers. For this, a financing company is needed. Contract Credit will pay the suppliers directly on behalf of the company and collects from that company later when agreed. It is a simple way to ease cash flow issues by financing for a purchase over a longer period of time or simply at an advanced rate. 

If your company buys goods or is a manufacturing or distribution company, you can greatly benefit from using trade payable financing to keep a good cash flow while maintaining inventory and purchases and making it a smooth process. 

In simple words, trade payable financing works by allowing Contract Credit to pay your supplier directly or give you money back for payments your company has already made.

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Use Our Money To Pay Suppliers

Take advantage of our trade payable program and pay your suppliers using our money! Here are some more benefits:

  • Keep your Bank Line of Credit in place
  • Continue posting payables as you always do
  • Select & Send us the invoices you want us to pay
  • We pay your supplier minus a discount fee
  • Pays us back with your standard terms
  • Optional pay early & get a rebate, It’s that simple!
Cargo freight trade payable funding

How does it work?

Contract Credit can accommodate creditworthy buyers with a new financial service that provides additional working capital to pay suppliers.

Up To $10 Million Credit Limit - $100k Minimum Spend.

  1. Contract Credit pre-pays your supplier directly (or reimburse your company for payments already made)
  2. For both domestic and international transactions
  3. Begin financing as soon as you need
  4. You are able to fulfill payments to your suppliers on time
  5. Prepare for your company to successfully grow

What are the qualifications needed for Trade Payable Finance?

  1. Buyers must be profitable
  2. USA and Canadian Based buyers only
  3. Minimum $3 million a month in revenue
  4. Must be credit insurable
  5. High trades history and current balances
  6. No need for subordinations from Bank
  7. All industries at this time qualify
  8. All vendors/suppliers qualify
  9. All international vendors/suppliers qualify

Why Buyers Choose Our Trade Payable Platform

Start using our money in 3 to 5 days.
Does not interfere with your lender
Any vendor can be accepted
No API or software integration required
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No merchant network to join
No API or software integration required
Helps vital suppliers with cash flow
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What Makes our Trade Payable Financing Different?

We offer you a simple financial solution for which you have to fill out minimal paperwork and approval takes between 3 to 5 days. List requirements is short and easy to understand. Contract Credit values you as client and your time, this is the reason why we invest so much time and effort in making this a simple process, unlike many other of our supply chain finance competitors. 

Once we have received the 1-page application from you, we then set up an account where you can provide us with a list of the vendors and invoices to pay, we then pay the suppliers. It is that simple! Contract Credit is not the first company to offer this type of service, however we believe we have the most user friendly system out there and can get you the highest buyer rebates.